Italianavera is the story of a little girl
born in the fields of San Marzano (Italy).

our mission

Italianavera tells a story, narrates a territory and its products. Through the flavours and scents of the past, these fruits of the earth bring us back to the simplicity of ritual gestures derived from ancient traditions. They tell Italy with all its facets, tell of the mother who cooks and the grandmother who prepares the Sunday lunch. And we tell the tomatoes, with style and humor. Because being Italian is a culture, a way of life, it is the desire to tell the simplicity of a daily routine made up of good things and imagination. Fantasy to eat. Italian, Italianavera.


There are times in life when you realize that something inside you has changed. That times are ripe to chase their dreams, their passions. My passion for tomatoes was born from afar, in my homeland. In San Marzano sul Sarno there is not only the first family business, there are my roots.

There I immersed myself in my thoughts as a child, in my desires as a woman and dreamed of creating a day something that would speak of me. Because that red gold I had in my hands, so fragrant and intense, was true love for good things. My summers then have always been a great ferment because of the harvest in the fields. The most important work women did, they chose the best ripe fruits. I watched these women secretly, watching them get busy and wondering. From them I learned everything there is to know about this magical world all feminine and to them I owe part of my successes.

Italianavera is more than a brand. It’s passion, femininity. It is the story of a woman who was fortunate enough to be born among expanses of tomato fields, in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Italy.

the idea

One February afternoon, I was in the kitchen at the home of Aunt Laura, skilled cook, and while we were talking we started cooking family recipes that my aunt had learned by watching grandma.

We dosed the ingredients, we wrote the recipes and filled some jars pasteurizing them in a bain-marie with a pan and a dish towel.

After a month, I was hungry and I opened someone to flavor a little of pasta. The result was excellent. Fragrant sauce, genuine and perfectly responsive to the recipes I ate as a child. I thought: imagine if all over the world it was possible to open a jar and eat something so good!

the first steps

From that moment the scent of fresh basil was left in my mind, as well as the eggplants my Aunt was cutting and frying in that moment … I couldn’t forget it!

I thought of my summers as a child spent collecting tomatoes and making preserves in glass bottles. And then again my father’s company and that tomato scent that always made me want pasta and pizza … I thought it was time to create something that would have represented me and would have taken a name expressing its authenticity, femininity and Italianness: ITALIANAVERA

The first collection of natural sauces made up of AL BASILICO, MAMMA MIA, AULIVE E CHIAPPARIELL was then born.

the first fairs and the first awards

ITALIANAVERA begins to become known through the first international fairs. Foreign customers go crazy for our sauces, which are perfectly meeting with the taste of a real Italian home. The sauce Mamma Mia, arrives in the USA and is rewarded as one of the three best sauces presented on the U.S. market in 2015 at the awards ceremony Sofi Awards.

I am excited and increasingly determined to redesign my line to expand it to other recipes of the Italian tradition…


It is the year in which I can strengthen the union between my greatest passions: tomato and design. The tomato POP, the VEROPOP collection, is born.

Unique, selected and strictly POP, it is the new line for those who match style and quality. An iconic line destined to become an inspiring muse for great chefs and artists.


The KETCHUPOP is born, my idea of homemade ketchup, created with my beloved PDO San Marzano tomato.


Italianavera is tomatoes and also something more: it is passion and femininity, it is attention and care to every detail, it is a pleasure to try, taste and exhibit.