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Smooth Paccheri 500g

Format 500gr | Net weight 500gr

It is recommended because:
– Ours is an artisanal bronze-drawn durum wheat semolina pasta.

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SKU: 8051513034084
Categoria: Pasta
Etichette: Pasta
PRODUCT LINE Artisan pasta
Sales denomination Smooth paccheri bronze drawn durum wheat semolina pasta
Description: Italianavera offers a selection of handcrafted pasta that will complete your dishes, enriching them with flavor and taste
Origin of the tomato Italy
Origin (processing) ITALY
format 500g
net weight 500g
Agency ITALIANA VERA SRL via siniscalchi 62 – Nocera Inferiore (Sa) 84014
EAN/GTIN 8051513034084
Storage Keep in a cold and dry place
Usage Use after cooking
Ingredients Durum wheat semolina, water
Allergens May contain traces of shellfish or soy
TMC 36 months from the production date
Advice and pairings Paccheri are a classic pasta format used in Neapolitan cuisine, usually accompanied by rich and succulent sauces. They can be smooth or grooved and are very versatile: they can be seasoned with fish-based sauces, sauces, meats, vegetables and they can also be stuffed
it is recommended because Ours is an artisan pasta of durum wheat bronze drawn.
ENERGY VALUE( IN Kj/Kcal) 1486kj/351kcal
FAT 1.8g
of which saturated fatty acids <0.27g
of which sugars 3.05g
FIBRE 4.7g
SALE 0.0075g
Weight: 0,520 kg


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