Codfish “alla puttanesca”


cooking time 10 minuti
preparation time 20/30 min

Ingredients for 5 people
codfish 800gr Aulive and Chiappariell sauce 1 jar/ 2 jars

Codfish “alla puttanesca” is very easy to prepare: choose a good piece of codfish and put it in some water. Leave it in the water for some minutes and change the water more than once so that the fish can desalinate well. While the codfish is still in the water, pour a jar of “Auliv e chiappariell” sauce in a pan and put it over a low flame for 1 minute. Do not add salt to the sauce. Take the codfish and put it into the pan with the sauce (which should be just lukewarm), cook it for 3/4 minutes, turning it gently on the two sides. The codfish cooks rapidly, so pay attention when you turn it, so that it won’t break into small pieces. After a few minutes, the dish is ready! Serve it hot, with some bread to mop the sauce up!

plan B

You can use “Auliv e chiappariell” sauce with some warm pieces of bread or with warm crostini.

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