Pennette with tomato sauce

cooking time 10 minuti
preparation time 10 min

Ingredients for 8/9 people
striped pennette 800 gr, sauce al basilico 2 jars, Parmigiano cheese 250 gr, salt 60 gr

Choose a short striped cut of pasta. Cook it in plenty of water, but don’t forget to add salt before! In fact, we suggest that you taste the water before pouring pasta in it, in order to check if you want to add more salt, so that it will be more savory. While pennette are still cooking, heat Italianavera sauce up in a pan. Drain the pasta 2 minutes before the cooking time indicated on the package, so that it will be “al dente”. Pour it on the sauce together with some cooking water, and let them on the flame for about 3 minutes, so that the two flavours will combine well. Finally sprinkle some grated parmigiano cheese, that will intensify the flavors of this classic of Italian cuisine… Italianavera cuisine!

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