Spaghetti al sugo with meatballs

cooking time 10 minuti
preparation time 20 min

ingredients for 4 people
minced beef 100 gr, stale bread 50 gr, pork sausage 100 gr, black pepper right amount, nutmeg right amount, salt right amount (about 30 gr), parsley right amount, parmigiano cheese right amount, mortadella 80 gr, egg 1, oil for frying right amount, sauce al basilico 1 jar, spaghetti 320 gr

Immerse the stale bread in a bowl containing water In another bowl, put the minced beef together with the sausage (without its skin) and then break everything up using your hands: at this point, add the egg, the bread and the grated cheese. In order to flavor your meat balls, you can add mortadella, a drizzle of nutmeg, minced parsley, salt and pepper. Knead all the ingredients using your hands: you must obtain a uniform mixture. Cover the dough and put it in the fridge for 15 min. Then pull the bowl out of the fridge, and shape the balls; each one should weigh 10 gr. Now fry the little balls in plentiful oil for frying. During their cooking, heat Italianavera sauce up in a pot Pour the fried balls delicately in the pot, and let them flavour until they will have absorbed part of the sauce. Finally, boil some water in another pot, and then add the spaghetti with the right amount of salt. Drain your spaghetti 2 min before the cooking time indicated on the package, so that they will be “al dente” At this point, you can complete the cooking of the pasta in the pot containing the sauce, in order to flavour it. A sprinkle of parmigiano… And here you have your spaghetti al sugo Italianavera with meat balls

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