the classics ones

Our tomatoes are grown in the traditional way in their respective areas of origin, respecting their biodiversity, the organoleptic characteristics and taste of each of them. San Marzano, Vesuvio, Monti Lattari, Piana del Sele, are some of the geographical areas in which our tomatoes “grow”.
PDO San Marzano tomato, PDO piennolo tomato from Vesuvius, Corbarino dei Monti Lattari, are some of our tomatoes, which we transform in a traditional way and which are excellent for preparing pasta, pizza and your favorite dishes.


corbarino tomato from Monti Lattari preserved in water and salt


Corbarino tomato from Monti Lattari in the Juice Blend of Corbarino and San Marzano tomato


piennolo PDO cherry tomatoes of Vesuvius in water and salt


san marzano pdo tomatoes of agro sarnese nocerino